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The European Court of Human Rights (ECHR) is an international judicial body whose decisions are obliged for member countries and requires from force governments to amend their laws and administrative practices in many areas of activity. SAFIR Law & Finance experts will help to restore the violated rights and will make every effort to obtain compensation for the damage caused to you. We will provide professional legal support when filing your complaint with the ECHR, saving you from doing paperwork, and will help you leave no detail to chance.

As a rule, having no experience in filing complaints with the ECHR, you can make serious mistakes when making a request. The statistics say: about 90% of the complaints are accepted and rejected by the European Court as inadmissible. Processing of your complaint will depend on the proper preparation and submission of the application.

Contact SAFIR Law & Finance and you will receive advice from a specialist with extensive experience directly at the ECHR in Ukraine.

The European Court of Human Rights grants the right to file a complaint for those who personally became a victim of a violation of rights and freedoms. The violation must be committed by one of the states signed the ECHR Convention. Ukraine is one of them.

Here are just a few examples when a business owner can file a state complaint with the European Court of Human Rights:

  • Illegal expropriation (seizure) of your property by the state.
  • Refusal to refund VAT.
  • Disputes with the State Property Fund or other government bodies.
  • An unfairly calculated penalty by inspection bodies.
  • Unjustified imprisonment, prosecution for political views and other violations of your personal rights and freedoms stipulated in the ECHR Convention.


  • 1 Restoration of rights violated by the state
  • 2 Return of the company assets.
  • 3 “Fair Compensation” - monetary compensation for the caused harm (including compensation for moral harm).
  • 4 Reimbursement of your expenses incurred during the consideration of your complaint.
  • 5 The possibility to conduct a settlement agreement with the authorities.
  • 6 The possibility of reversal of a judgment and of retrial, in case of violation of your rights during the trial.

Oleksandr Polovynka General Partner of Safir Law&Finance,
Tax Protection Guarantor

If you already understand that the state is violating your rights when you are at the stage of legal proceedings at the national level, the judicial strategy and timely collection of evidence will increase your chances of success when filing a complaint with the ECHR. Entrust it to professionals!

Denys Rybin
Managing and General Partner of Safir Law&Finance
Business Globalization Expert

Unfortunately, it often happens that our government deals with successful business owners not very fairly. You should not go into unequal action alone!

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