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Safir Law&Finance Company

We are always two steps ahead

We are an international legal consulting company SAFIR Law&Finance with Kyiv and London managing offices. We already have ten-year experience of successful work in Ukraine and CIS states, the USA, England, EU countries and many grateful clients. You will earn more and safely with us. We work on a highly confidential basis.

The Company Founders

Denys Rybin Managing and General Partner of SAFIR Law&Finance

19 years of successful legal practice. Education: legal studies and business-management in Ukraine, Great Britain, the USA, and Sweden. Huge work experience abroad, many grateful clients who have already scaled up their business, increased revenues and succeeded in a constant rise of benefit

“We are to be trusted because we always deliver on promises. We will be proud to become a part of Your Triumph in business!”

Oleksandr Polovynka General Partner of SAFIR Law&Finance

19 years of successful legal practice. 10 years of successful work in government bodies on the executive positions: head of legal service, head of district city inspections in the tax authorities of Ukraine, chief adviser of the service in the Administration of the President of Ukraine, representative of the President of Ukraine in the courts.

“We know for a fact what to do for the safe and stable development of your business.”


Denis Rybin

Managing and General Partner,
An Expert on Business Globalization

Oleksandr Polovynka

General Partner,
Guarantor of tax protection

Angelo Vuniotis

General Partner in England,
An Expert on Business Globalization

Daniel Shabaev

Development Partner,
An expert on Project Organization and Promotion

Elena Sikan

Project Partner, an Expert on Business International Structuring and Tax Planning

Vadim Braganets

Project Partner, an Expert on the legal protection of business assets

Ruslan Lozoyar

Project Partner, an Expert on Business Process Optimization


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