About Safir Law&Finance Company

The consulting company Safir Law & Finance was founded in 2009. Now it’s a team of professionals whose work is aimed at solving non-standard problems of any complexity in the field of legal services. At the heart of our work the principles of individual approach to solving customer issues and the high level of service are provided.

The Safir Law & Finance team is an experience in government structures, thorough knowledge of the legislative framework and its competent application, high qualification of each employee, attentiveness and individual approach.

A team of experts focused on the optimal result for our clients, whose main task is the creation of legal tools and qualified solutions for successful business, regardless of the geography of the countries involved.

Our mission

We help to create and protect created around the world. We think globally and always a few steps ahead. We implement a system of synergistic work in our team and with our customers. We are ethical professionals and know exactly how to make our clients' lives more comfortable and successful.

Our product

Timely, professionally provided services for expert legal assessment, due diligence, ready-made non-standard solutions for secure and sustainable growth in business.

Our experts will get the most of even the "hopeless" situation in their favor

Denis Rybin

CEO, managing partner, lawyer, expert in systematization and legal security of business

Denis Rybin CEO, managing partner, lawyer, expert in systematization and legal security of business office@safir.ua

Experience and successes:

Successful legal practice in large companies with foreign investments, both in Ukraine, and in the US and Africa, is backed by Denis 19-years experience. The founder and managing partner of the law firm "Rybin and Partners" which is now "SAFIR Law&Finance" company.

Already for 9 years, the law firm "SAFIR Law & Finance", under the leadership of Denis, is actively growing and developing, conquering new niches in the legal market of Ukraine, while successfully solving the complex problems of customers.

Denis is a leading expert in the field of corporate law, bankruptcy and sanitation, land law and real estate, contract law. He protects the interests of customers in courts of all jurisdictions. Accompanies transactions from the M & A area. He actively participates in legislative activities: he is working on a number of draft normative documents regulating business conditions in Ukraine.


  • Higher legal - National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" (2003).
  • Business education is the international Ukrainian-Swedish business development program DYB- "Develop Your Business" (2010).
  • International School "Abbotsholme School" - United Kingdom, Rochester (1996-1997).
  • London Academy "LAMDA" (1997).
Alexander Polovinka

General partner, expert in tax and legal issues

Alexander Polovinka General partner, expert in tax and legal issues alex@safir.ua

Experience and successes:

Alexander has a unique experience in the field of tax law (the integration of effective financial and tax schemes for business in Ukraine and abroad, tax planning and formation of strategies, effective management of tax risks, support of inspections and client interests in disputes with tax authorities). His legal activities also include tax structuring of the sale of assets, mergers and acquisitions, litigation and arbitration, bankruptcy and rehabilitation of companies.

19 years of legal practice in various branches of law, of which 10 years of successful work in government bodies as head of the legal service, head of district city inspections in the tax authorities of Ukraine, chief adviser of the service in the Administration of the President of Ukraine, representative of the President of Ukraine in the courts.


  • Higher legal - National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" (2003).
  • Higher economic - Vadim Getman KNEU (2008)
Elena Sikan

Project partner, expert in international business structuring and tax planning

Elena Sikan Project partner, expert in international business structuring and tax planning elena@safir.ua

Experience and successes:

Elena manages the exclusive author’s international projects "Life in Monaco", "Real Estate on the Cote d'Azur", "Registration of companies around the world", "International Banking". Has an impeccable reputation as one of the most business-oriented lawyers of the company and a generator of effective ready-made legal solutions with the aim of securing the maximum possible profit for investment of clients.

Since 2005 she has held executive positions in legal services of large diversified enterprises of Ukraine (AVISTA, MTI, GROSSBOND) and leading lawyer in French consulting companies, has been practicing law practice in Ukraine and international arbitration for more than 5 years.

Her specialization consists in the implementation of investment projects, the development of tax solutions, non-resident arrangements, the organization of financial consulting, individual selection of real estate, maintenance of real estate transactions and opening of bank accounts, mortgage / lombard lending and asset management (Monaco, France).

She is an official business representative of large banking structures. Directly cooperates with state registrars of companies, lawyers and experts in the field of corporate law in more than 50 countries.


  • Higher legal - Lviv University of Law at the National Academy of Internal Affairs of Ukraine (2007).
  • EC School London, New York (2015).
  • Higher legal - "International relations and foreign policy" - Shevchenko. KIMO.
Ivan Rybachuk

Project partner, expert of investment projects, investment analyst

Ivan Rybachuk Project partner, expert of investment projects, investment analyst office@safir.ua

Experience and successes:

Ivan has a unique experience in the development and implementation of investment strategies, the withdrawal of business outside Ukraine (Europe, America), raising financial resources in existing businesses. His professional activities include comprehensive strategic planning in the organization and management of business, as well as strategic planning and development of a business protection complex with the involvement of international experts.

11 years of successful business in various fields, such as energy, manufacturing, businesses construction in turnkey, export and import operations.


  • Higher Economic - Kyiv National Trade and Economic University.
Vladimir Nepochatov

Project partner, expert in the construction and protection of investment processes

Vladimir Nepochatov Project partner, expert in the construction and protection of investment processes office@safir.ua

Experience and successes:

Vladimir has a successful experience in international business development and the establishment of joint ventures in the military-industrial complex.

15 years of experience in the field of investment - analyst, chief ethical specialist and principal of AIG.

More than 10 years in the field of global military-industrial complex:

  • Director for Business Development - Turi Defense Group (USA)
  • Vice President of the company Defendek (USA, Estonia)
  • Vice President of the International Humanitarian Fund of UN Peacekeepers


  • The degree of a natural science specialist is Houston College (USA).
  • Bachelor of Finance and Economics - Houston University (USA).
Vadim Braganets

Project partner, expert in legal protection of business assets

Vadim Braganets Project partner, expert in legal protection of business assets office@safir.ua

Experience and successes:

Vadim has a unique experience in land law (land allocation for construction and production), implementation and maintenance of efficient financial and tax schemes for business in the construction of residential and non-residential projects in Ukraine, mergers and acquisitions, client interests in disputes with state bodies: architectural inspection, bodies of land resources, local self-government bodies, registration service on issues of urban development and land use. The directions of its legal activity also include structuring the purchase and sale of assets, integral property complexes of industrial real estate and agriculture.

15 years of legal practice in various areas of law, of which 10 years of successful work in the largest development companies (construction and management of the Globus SEC), as well as in the largest agro holdings Valary, Traygon Agri, Agrotrade, as director legal department and security.

Since 2016, he has been an adviser to the Head of the Makarovsky District Council and the Head of the Makarov District Administration on land issues and issues of agricultural production.


  • Higher legal - National University "Kyiv-Mohyla Academy" (2003).
  • Postgraduate education, master's degree - "Management of agricultural enterprises, directions of crop production" - Ukrainian Agribusiness Club (2013).
  • Postgraduate education, master's degree - "Project management. Project Management "- University" KROK "(2015).
  • Postgraduate education, master's degree - "Agrarian Consulting" - National University of "Bioresources and Nature Management" (2016).
Ruslan Lozoyar

Project partner, expert in business process optimization

Ruslan Lozoyar Project partner, expert in business process optimization office@safir.ua

Experience and successes:

Ruslan has extensive experience in business process optimization, international contracts, settling accounts receivable issues, and analyzing the risks of trading operations.


  • Higher economic - Kyiv National Economic University (KNEU) named after Vadim Hetman (2014).
  • Higher legal - National University of State Tax Service of Ukraine (2014).
  • Business Education - International Ukraine-British Program "Master of Business Administration" (2014).

What our clients say about our cooperation

Director of Eastern Europe Region of Dr.Irena Eris company, General Director of the Ukrainian representative office of Lirene Ukraine

Director of "АЛЮПРО" LLC

АЛЮПРО Company thanks the General Partner of Safir Law&Finance Polovynka Olexandr for legal professionalism to protect the interests of the client.

Director of "НЕНАЖЕРКА" Company

Company "НЕНАЖЕРКА" thanks Safir Law&Finance for legal professionalism in protecting the interests of the client and providing high-quality assistance in resolving a number of complex legal issues. The provided advice and consultations have successfully maintained the relationship between our company and our clients and have always helped to find the right way out of critical situations.

Director of "TKD Company"

TKD Company expresses our gratitude to Safir Law&Finance regarding the professional and reliable protection of the rights and interests of our enterprise in the framework of criminal proceedings.

Director of "АТОЛ-АГРО М"

Company "ATOL-AGRO M" expresses its gratitude to the Senior Partner of Safir Law&Finance on effective and professional withdrawal of unlawful arrest of funds held in bank accounts of the enterprise. Thanks for the efficiency and legal literacy, we look forward to cooperating in the future.

General Director of Sun Exim, ТМ UFO

We really appreciate the cooperation with Safir Law&Finance, due to the importance of high professionalism and efficiency to us. We know that there are no hopeless situations with such partners. Lawyers of the company Safir Law&Finance represented our interests in courts, appealed the decision of the tax inspection. Also, we regularly receive consultations on current issues.

ПП "Пневмомастер"

Международный бизнес

Хочется поблагодарить Safir Law & Finance, за проделанную работу, выигранный процесс, который длился годами. Приятно иметь дело с профессионалами! Сергей, Денис и другие сотрудники, которые приложили усилия - спасибо.

Fashion-director of Domino Group

General Director of LIKO-HOLDING, ТМО

We are grateful to Safir Law&Finance for competent consultations on tax legislation, as well as professional assistance in restructuring the holding's structural units.

Head of the Board of Directors of the Auditing Company “Aksenova and Partners” GGI

I would like to note a high level of professionalism and to thank the company Safir Law&Finance for the joint participation in business breakfasts, roundtables and discussions of topical issues of interest to Ukrainian business today, as well as long-term constructive cooperation, responsible attitude to all cases, competence and high standards of services provided for joint projects.

General Director of ND Group

We have been cooperating for more than 10 years with the general partner of the company Denys Rybin. We have promptly received the support in solving our legal issues from Safir Law&Finance. This always happens at a high professional level. The guys are distinguished by their strong knowledge in legal matters, a broad vision of the situation, a correct and understandable approach to their work. They are our reliable legal partners, and we can always count on them!

What we have done for our customers

1 321

consultations that led clients to the desired result


complex solutions for our customers was developed and implemented


necessary judicial decisions were received by finding hidden ways in the laws

44 million $

were saved for our customers by our timely decisions and actions

802 million $

we have helped to earn for our customers by supporting their transactions before concluding


conflicts with regulatory authorities were resolved, in favor of our clients

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