Safir Law&Finance can assist you in registering and maintaining a company almost anywhere around the world. Above we outline the most popular jurisdictions based on the most popular business activities and most preferable taxation regimes. If you want to register a company outside these territories please contact us and we will guide you appropriately in choosing the best business structure for your needs. Keep in mind that we have fact sheets, available upon request, on every jurisdiction and plenty of detailed information on our services.



Having a company in the UK is quite useful whether you want to use if for doing business within or outside the UK. Having a UK company can enable you to obtain a UK work permit and move to the UK under certain circumstances. UK is one of the most attractive markets in Europe and since it has its own stable currency it makes sense to open UK company for doing business within the UK.



Hong Kong is the leader in terms of trading with the rest of Asia and especially China but also is a worldwide business center with a tax system which offers many advantages



Cyprus companies are European companies providing the respectability you need to conduct business internationally. With one of the lowest corporate income tax rates in the EU, probably the best banking services in the EU, no tax on dividends for non-residents, a relatively low incorporation cost.



Hungary is a fairly new region in the international market. It has less expensive workforce, but highly qualified, than other EU countries. We will help you to enter the market of this country correctly, if you are interested in it.



A company registered in Switzerland offers prestige to the image of any organization. Switzerland has been one of the main financial world centers for many decades.



The Netherlands remains a top location for businesses looking for a stable economy and a reliable and equitable tax regime. The Dutch tax system is well-known for its practical and pro-active approach towards facilitating international companies. Many businesses from small to mid-sized and Fortune 500 companies have chosen the Netherlands as their gateway to Europe. The Netherlands is regarded as an attractive and sophisticated location to serve markets within Europe, the Middle East and Africa. The central geographical location of the Netherlands and its highly educated, multi-lingual and flexible workforce and the Netherland’s superior logistics and technological infrastructure makes the Netherlands an ideal gateway for expanding your business.


Ukraine and CIS

Ukraine is an associate member state of the European Union. Since January 2016 Ukraine has adapted its customs system to EU requirements, making it possible for EU companies to sell their products in the very attractive Ukrainian market. Apart from Ukraine we have partners in other countries offering there a number of services as well: Russia, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Azerbaijan, Belarus, Moldova, Uzbekistan and Armenia.



Registering a legal entity in the USA is very important if you want to do business within the United States. We can handle quickly and efficiently the registration of your company in any of the states. If you don't know where you want to register your new company we can consult you so after researching and understanding your needs. Furthermore, we can assist you with much more in the USA. Most importantly with banking and trade relations services. Many non-US persons and companies would love to get the opportunity to sell their products or services to the US market. We are always here to help such companies.



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