We offer a wide range of services for companies and individuals from all over the world who seek to sell goods and services in international markets. We will help you to add the optimal puzzle to get the desired result.


EU & UK markets

Europe is a fragmented, multicultural market:: 23 languages, 15 different currencies, a lot of small and medium sized merchants, different localized and specific payment methods and high return rates. Most businesses do not have the necessary market know-how and thereby loose the control over their products and both online and offline marketplace business in Europe.


USA market

This is the most attractive market in the world. One language, one currency and millions of buyers with high purchasing capabilities and a convenient culture which loves purchasing goods and services online. It should be every non-US based business dream to sell their products and services in the US market. Our program enables you to start selling your products and services in the US market within 2 -3 weeks.


Chinese market

China is the world's largest e-commerce market with a growth rate of 35 % per year. China is a key e-commerce market for European and American brands since the demand for western products and the purchase power are extremely high there. Direct business between western brands and Chinese marketplaces is highly complicated and thus difficult to handle without a local partner.


Ukraine and CIS

We offer:

  • • Access to all CIS markets through our online sales channels. We have highly sophisticated but effective logistics in place to guarantee fast door to door delivery within 4-6 days. From the USA and Europe to all CIS Countries.
  • • Access to the best local online markets.
  • • Door to door order fulfillment for all orders. You just ship all orders to your local EU or US address. We take care of the rest.
  • • Receiving and handling of all payments.
  • • Website creation in Russian, Ukrainian and other languages.
  • • Local Customer Service Support.
  • • Marketing Services through Facebook and other platforms.

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