Package "Life triumpher"

Your company is a recognized leader of the national and confident player of the international market. The scale of activities achieved requires a more subtle approach to legal security. The level and amount of your business attracts vultures who feel the opportunity to profit. You are not ready to spend your precious time studying different laws and the criminal code, you always need a lawyer, and better not one. You want to sleep at home and sleep peacefully. Where is your tower of strength from the inspector, investigator, prosecutor and judge? You should be prepared for any attacks on your business and on you personally.

Now more than ever before:

  • Do not allow competitors to harm your company - even a drop of negativity can shake the reputation that has been created for years.
  • Operatively resolve tax disputes and eliminate any misunderstandings with fiscal authorities.
  • To prevent unreasonable accusations of criminal offenses, which are often faced by business owners of this scale.
  • To monitor the legal purity of activities outside the country.
  • Have legal advisers who are able to respond clearly in unforeseen situations.

Even if your company employs a team of lawyers, their practical knowledge and skills are not always enough to fully protect your interests. To protect your business in all areas in an integrated manner, pass the most difficult tasks to Safir Law & Finance lawyers by choosing the package "Life triumpher"

What is included in it:

  • Work of 6 lawyers. Your project is supervised by the partner of the company.*
  • Advocate defense in criminal cases - consultations, protection of interests in investigative measures, answers to requests of law enforcement bodies, unlimited accompaniment of 1 criminal case.
  • Advocate policy - you are in full legal security even in an emergency situation.
  • Advocate counsel outside office hours 24/7 - The lawyer is in touch with you at any time and protects your interests in all institutions.
  • Lawyer leaves the office on your request an unlimited number of times.
  • Tax advice - You skillfully maneuver in international and national tax legislation, avoiding double taxation, late VAT refunds, suppressing tax disputes at the root.
  • Consultations on real estate and land issues - you are calm about the property, because all documents on it are framed correctly. If there is a need to buy / sell real estate or land, you get free support for notarization of the 1st transaction.
  • Consultations on the conduct of foreign trade activities outside Ukraine are conducted in compliance with the norms and requirements of international law. You receive a one-time consultation on the selection of an acceptable foreign jurisdiction with the optimal tax burden and reporting requirements.
  • Consultations on corporate issues: labor relations, agreements, contracts - you sign documents only when your interests are met to the last detail.
  • Mediation (mediation in disputes) and judicial support - any disputable or conflict situation is resolved promptly, within the framework of the law and with the greatest benefit for you.
  • Advice during off hours - the lawyer is in touch with you at any time and protects your interests in all instances.
  • You can order 1 free seminar from a lawyer for any topic of interest to you and get answers to any exciting questions.
  • Unlimited number of representatives of your company can participate for free in live seminars of the company Safir Law&Finance.
  • Free participation in the company's webinars - you are aware of the latest changes in legislation and how this will affect your company.

The price and values ​​of everything that is included in the "LIFE TRIUMPHER" package are not measured - your freedom is priceless!

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