Package "Real Champion"

Your business is on the top. Your reputation is worth a lot, because it was built for years of hard work. You have proved to yourself and others that you know how to achieve goals and get what you want. But this is seen not only by friends and business partners, but also by competitors and the state: the tax, labor inspection, the prosecutor's office, the antimonopoly committee and other inspectors of every kind. Not a very pleasant picture for you, you will agree.

What is happening around the business at this stage:

  • Competitors tend to take your place, so they are looking for dirt and espionage games.
  • Fiscal authorities closely follow you, because you make a big contribution to the state budget.
  • With you, one way or another, more and more people are cooperating and there are more and more commitments.

What is included in the package "Real Champion":

  • Work of 4 lawyers Safir Law & Finance. Your project is supervised by a senior partner of the company.*
  • Tax advice - You work with the optimal tax burden, any disagreements with fiscal services are dealt with competently and promptly.
  • Consultations on real estate and land issues - Your property is protected by the necessary documents.
  • Consultations on foreign trade activities - relations and transactions with foreign partners are conducted and formalized in the framework of international legislation.
  • Advocate defense in criminal cases - an experienced lawyer will consult and build a line of defense for the speediest solution of the situation with minimal losses.
  • Consultations on corporate matters: labor relations, agreements, contracts. You sign documents only when your interests are met to the last detail.
  • Mediation (mediation in disputes) and judicial support - you have the opportunity to resolve the conflict situation correctly and in time.
  • Advocate policy is a guarantee of your protection in an emergency situation.
  • Advice during off hours - the lawyer is in contact with you in 24/7 mode.
  • 3 lawyer's visit from the office at your request.
  • Free appellate support for 1 case on litigation.**
  • Free participation of 1 representative of your company in the live seminars of Safir Law & Finance.
  • Free participation in company webinars - You are aware of the latest legal news, submitted by practitioners in a simple and understandable language.
  • Quarterly expert session, at which the Safir Law&Finance team of experts will help to determine the priority directions in business development, and also to consult on legal issues.***

* Up to 28 hours of work

** In the case of our lawyers accompanying the case in the first instance

*** If it is necessary

The price and values ​​of everything that is included in the package "REAL CHAMPION" is much more than its value!

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