Package "Powerful Breakthrough"

Your business is gaining momentum, and with it the number of your obligations to counterparties and the state is growing. You are OK, but you are disturbed by new tasks and challenges. You became more visible and richer, but at the same time you sleep less. Your dream is restless, because you and top managers noticeably increased routine and fears. Is this what you associated with the development of your company? Hardly.

Now you have:

  • More employees, and hence the number of issues of hiring, dismissal, disability leaves, holidays, reporting, etc., increases.
  • There are more counterparts with whom you need to competently build relationships: suppliers, buyers, intermediaries, each of which pursues its own interests.
  • More contracts and agreements - a huge layer of work, where every detail is important. If you overlook them - you lost money, reputation, sometimes the company.
  • More attention from monitoring bodies.

What is included in the package "Powerful Breakthrough":

  • Work of 2 lawyers Safir Law & Finance. Your project is supervised by a junior company lawyer.*
  • Tax advice - You understand how to reduce tax pressure on business and how to avoid tax disputes.
  • Consultations on corporate issues: labor relations, agreements, contracts. Your interests are the priority of any signed document.
  • Mediation (mediation in disputes) and judicial support - the resolution of any conflict situation in the legal field.
  • Visit of 1 lawyer from the office at your request.
  • Free participation in the company's webinars - you get current knowledge from practitioners who can use and reduce the costs of legal services.
  • Quarterly expert session, at which the Safir Law & Finance. team of experts will help to determine the priority directions in business development, and also to consult on legal issues.**

* Up to 17 hours of work

** If necessary

The price and values ​​of everything that is included in the package "POWERFUL Breakthrough " - several times more than its value!

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