Package "Brilliant Start"

A business that you launched recent or just lauhcning. It can also be a start-up, the success of which participants must take care from the very beginning, and even better - before it. As they say: "It is necessary to negotiate on the shore". If you did not agree and competently planned, then you will not be able to swim to the Victory.

However, already at the start, it is important to take into account a lot of legal nuances:

  • Obtain the necessary permits.
  • Draw up contracts with counterparties.
  • To formalize labor relations with employees.
  • Select the form of taxation.
  • Prepare and submit reports in time for various instances.
  • Pay off time with suppliers and employees, pay all taxes and fees.

What is included in the package "Brilliant Start"

  • Work of 1 lawyer Safir Law & Finance.*
  • Consultations on tax matters - you will clarify for yourself all the nuances associated with tax deductions.
  • Consultations on corporate issues: labor relations, agreements, contracts.
  • Free participation in the company's webinars - you get current knowledge from practicing lawyers who can use it themselves
  • Semi-annual expert session, at which the Safir Law&Finance team of experts will help to determine the priority directions in business development, and also to consult on legal issues.**

* Up to 10 hours of work

** If it is necessary

The price and values ​​of everything that is included in the package "BRILLIANT START" - significantly exceeds its value!

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