How to legally avoid fines for informal employees

Do you want to solve the issue with informal employees and forget about problems with labor inspections?

We offer a ready-made legal solution to legalize the work of informal employees in your business.

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In the conditions of tightening the rules of labor hiring, employers bear significant financial risks associated with labor relations.

Wishing to help Heroes who conduct business in Ukraine, experts from Safir Law & Finance have developed a unique procedure for legalizing legal relations with your employees.


  • You will legally reduce the cost of taxes.
  • You will avoid problems with labor inspections and huge fines for illegally decorated employees.
  • You will remove from yourself the legal responsibility for the staff.
  • You do not waste time resolving legal issues of hiring. You are engaged in business development.


We offer two options for cooperation:

  • We form a package of documents and fully engage in the implementation of all legal processes to legalize the work of informal employees in your company.
  • We provide you with a complete package of documents and recommendations for the legalization of the work of informal employees, and you independently implement their implementation.

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